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Unabhängige News und Infos

Erste Anti-Lockdown Partei weltweit

Und wo gibt es diese Partei?
Richtig: Im Vereinigten Königreich.

Und wer hat diese Partei gegründet?
Na wer wohl? Nigel Farage: Brexit heißt jetzt Reform, Reform UK.

Es wird Zeit, dass die politische Welt derer, die miteinander darum konkurrieren, wer es als erster schafft, die Wirtschaft eines Landes nicht nur lahmzulegen, sondern vollständig zu zerstören, aufgemischt wird. Und wer könnte das besser als Nigel Farage und Richard Tice mit der Brexit Party, die nun ein re-branding in Reform Party erfahren hat?

In einem Brief an die Unterstützer der Brexit-Party schreiben Farage und Tice:

Nigel Farage, ex-MEP

“It is now time though to apply our energy and resources to the other pressing issues facing the nation. That is why we have applied to the Electoral Commission to rename the party. We want to be known as the party of Reform. The proposed name reflects the ambition: Reform UK.
The most pressing issue is the Government’s woeful response to coronavirus. The Government has dug itself into a hole and rather than admit its mistakes, it keeps on digging. The new national lockdown will result in more life-years lost than it hopes to save, as non-Covid patients with cancer, cardiac, lung and other illnesses have treatments delayed or cancelled again. Suicides are soaring. Businesses and jobs are being destroyed.

There is another way, a credible alternative strategy—promoted by some of the world’s finest epidemiologists—called the Great Barrington Declaration. It is effectively being practised to a large degree in Sweden, with considerable success.

Focused protection is its key, targeting resources at those most at risk, whether it is the elderly, vulnerable or those with other medical conditions. The rest of the population should, with simple hygiene measures and a dose of common sense, get on with life—this way we build immunity in the population. We must learn to live with the virus not hide in fear of it.

We have the courage to spell out a message of hope. Treatments for coronavirus are getting better, with new drugs and techniques. We have more hospital capacity and survival rates are improving.

Every death is a huge loss for family, friends and loved ones. But we must put Covid into perspective. Around 1,600 people die every single day in the UK, for some reason or another. In recent weeks, Covid has barely featured in the top ten causes of death. The average age of a coronavirus fatality is 82: that is older than average life expectancy. The reality is that this horrible condition is only very dangerous for a tiny minority of people. Anyone catching Covid has more than a 99.5% chance of surviving it, most with no symptoms at all.

Our party of Reform is the only political party that supports the Great Barrington Declaration. We are showing the courage needed to take on consensus thinking and vested interests on the Covid issue.

Unsere Übersetzung:

“Es ist an der Zeit, dass wir unsere Energie für andere drängende Probleme, die unsere Nation plagen, einsetzen. Aus diesem Grund haben wir bei der Electoral Commission eine Namensänderung für…..