Das Wichtigste zum aktuellen Zeitgeschehen Mai 2020

Der Mai ist auch schon wieder vorbei. Daher hiermit nachfolgend die Zusammenfassung des Wichtigsten zum aktuellen Zeitgeschehen vom Mai 2020 (umgekehrt chronologisch sortiert).

31. Mai 2020

30. Mai 2020

  • David Icke durchleuchtet die Corona-Hoax-PsyOp
  • As Cops Abandoned Them, Black and White Gun Owners Come Together to Protect Small Businesses (Videos and more) – Neger und Weissbrote vereinen sich bewaffnet um Tante-Emma-Läden vor zerstörungswütigen Irren (oder einfach verzweifelten Hungernenden) zu schützen, nachdem die Bullerei diese aufgegeben hat.
    „Parts of Minneapolis, New York, Atlanta, Seattle, and others cities from coast to coast are burning.
    Looting and rioting have leveled small businesses in Minneapolis and mom and pop shops have seen their life’s work — which was already struggling from the lockdown — burn to the ground. However, there are some folks who are refusing to lay down and let the looting crush their part of the American dream.
    Armed to teeth with semi-automatic assault rifles and handguns, multiple gun owners — both black and white — have reportedly been coming together to protect private businesses from looters.
    This story should be on news media outlets across the country, but unfortunately it won’t be, for two reasons.
    First reason being is because it’s a story about transcending prejudice and racial stereotypes which breaks down the propped up charade that humans must be divided based on skin color and other “us vs. them” tactics.
    The second reason is that it shows the true power of people policing themselves.

29. Mai 2020

Im Kaninchenbau der Netzwerke – Was haben……

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