Afrikanischen Holocaust

Weil Jackie Walker den Holocaust mit dem“afrikanischen Holocaust“ verband und auf Facebook schrieb, dass Millionen mehr Afrikaner in einem „afrikanischen Holocaust“ getötet wurden, musste sie die Labour Partei verlassen.

Die gesteuerte Kampagne wird immer gefährlicher für uns alle, die sich für Palästina einsetzen!

African holocaust

Walker wrote on her Facebook in February that as a person of mixed heritage, her ancestors “were involved” in both the Nazi Holocaust and the slave trade. “Millions more Africans were killed in the African holocaust,” she wrote, apparently describing the slave trade as a “holocaust.”

The Facebook comments were sent to the party by the Jewish Chronicle. The newspaper had received them from a group called the Israel Advocacy Movement.

Walker is a member of left-wing Labour grouping Momentum and a signatory to Jews For Justice For Palestinians.

The Labour Representation Committee condemned the suspension “wholeheartedly and unreservedly” on Wednesday evening  Quelle:

Via Evelyn Hecht-Galinski

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